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About Us

Intentionally Pure was envisioned as an answer to owner,
Tracy Graves' concerns about the chemicals included in skin care products. After realizing the harmful effects most "affordable" products can leave on the body, she began looking for better, healthier alternatives. However, the products that were ultimately better for the skin were not as affordable. 



It was out of these circumstances that Intentionally Pure was created. By providing all-natural ingredients, Intentionally Pure creates a way for everyone to enjoy  affordable skin care products. At Intentionally Pure, we strive to help you attain

the healthiest skin and hair by using pure and therapeutic ingredients. We pride ourselves in providing a quality blend that includes no petrochemicals or synthetic ingredients. Its an enjoyable experience you'll

want to return to again and again,  because at Intentionally Pure, we believe what goes on your body should be  as

pure as what goes in your body.

We hope you enjoy your natural experience with 
Intentionally Pure and take comfort in knowing that you are not polluting the earth or your beautiful skin.
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